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Sunday, October 2, 2011

144. Kanopolis State Park

Our next adventure on September 17, took us to Kanopolis State Park.  We had discovered at Mushroom Rock State Park that the State Parks were having a geocashe competition this summer when Eric muggled a cache (Eric says that's finding a geo-cache without following the GPS clues).  You then had to take your find to the State Park office to receive your prize.  Well, that does not work out so well when the office is closed.   However, we did look for another cache, but discovered it was on the other side of  the lake.  When you are spending your time looking for geocache's, you don't always remember to take tons of great photos.  Not to mention the camera batteries were dead and the cell phone doesn't take the best zoom photos. 

We did go on a search for the Faris Caves.  We found the area where we think they probably are, but not having a zoom lens available, couldn't really see anything.  Eric says they are not really caves anyway, because they were hand dug, not naturally made.

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