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Friday, October 7, 2011

Celebrating 150 Adventures!!!

WE DID IT!!!  We made it to 150 adventures around the great state of Kansas.  That is definitely worth celebrating.  So, we stopped in at Russell Stover Candies for some ice cream.   We were slightly disappointed to see that Russell Stover Candies has been remodeled and the window where you could view the factory is now gone.  It has been replaced with a TV playing a looping story (Eric says it's 1:45 minutes of annoying repeat) about the history of Russell Stovers.   In our opinion, the only real reason to stop at the factory NOW is to check out the Bloopers, Seconds or sales.  If you just want a regular box of candy, you can probably find a store close to you that will carry Russell Stover Candies.
But the ice cream was good and the celebration was necessary.  It is not everyday you reach the goal of 150 Kansas adventures. :)  Now on to the PLUSES.
The wall behind Angel USED to be the viewing window.
Check out all those colors

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