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Friday, September 9, 2011

115. Exploring Minneapolis

Our exploration the weekend of July 29-31 began with Minneapolis.  We had heard that Minneapolis was the hometown of George Washington Carver, but did not know exactly what we would find.  As we entered Minneapolis, we were stunned to see a river with a waterfall.  What a beautiful beginning to our adventure.

Our next stop in Minneapolis took us to the Ottawa County Museum to see some of the county history, including the story of George Washington Carver.  There is so much to see in the museum it is almost overwhelming.  The George Washington Carver section is set up nicely and you are able to zone out the rest of the museum and focus only on the George Washington Carver exhibit.  The rest of the museum is so full of memorabilia, it was difficult for Angel to focus on much of anything.  She likes to blame it on her traumatic brain injury.  Maybe, maybe not??

Our daughter loved the fossils and rocks

Our son loved the autographed baseballs

Everyone needs to see the world's heaviest insect
George Washington Carver exhibit

Should we lock the kiddos in???

We found Mater in Minneapolis

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