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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

123. Exploring Medicine Lodge

Our next adventure on August 5 brought us to Medicine Lodge.  We were able to view the location where the Indian Peace Treaty Pageant is held.  It is planned to be a full weekend with lots of events and booths as well as the 2 hour pageant and a rodeo.  Unfortunately, we don't think we'll make it this year.  However, that is on the list for sometime in the future. It seems like an event that must be experienced sometime in our lives.  We also got to see the original Carry Nation home.  Our daughter has been interested in Carry Nation because she was an answer to a Kansas Trivia question in her class last year.  She happened to be able to get it right because we had already visited Lucas and learned about her there.  It's amazing the benefits these adventure can have.

Stockade Museum and Carry Nation Home
One of the few remaining drive-ins in Kansas

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