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Thursday, September 29, 2011

135. Lee Richardson Zoo


We have been to a lot of zoos in our lives.  The Lee Richardson Zoo in Garden City is Angel's favorite free zoo.  So, it was a must see on our trip to Garden City, August 27.  One very cool thing about this zoo is the information tour you can take as you walk around the zoo.  You can call on your cell phone and plug in certain numbers at the exhibits to get more information about the animals.  It definitely helps you feel more connected to the animals. 
Look at the nest in the Aviary
The otters are Angel's favorite
Aren't the monkeys fun!!!
We're missing International Red Panda Day in September
Could this be Emperor Kuzco?
Finney County Historical Museum
The museum is on the zoo grounds, so of course we decided to check it out.  Who wouldn't want to see the giant hairball??!!  :)  And, in honor of Kansas' 150th birthday, the kiddos got to work in the Celebrate Kansas room with Lego's and put their creations on display in the museum.
We need seating like this in our movie room
Check out the wildlife you can find running loose in the zoo!!

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