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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Starlite Drive-In Theater Part II

August 19, we also took in the Starlite Drive-In Theater for the second time.  Our car was on the very back row, so the kiddos got to use their new KU and KSU sweatshirt blankets and sit on the roof of the van.  They tell me this is the coolest way to see the movie.  We got to see Spy Kids 4D and see just how well the 4D aspect worked.  We were all given scratch and sniff cards and were told to scratch certain numbers at different times in the movie.  I don't know if it was just our cards, or what, but the smells didn't really match up.  In fact, we didn't smell much of anything.  There were time I think that was OK and I wouldn't have wanted to smell what we were supposed to.  We love the Starlite Drive-In Theater because you not only get to watch one movie, but you could stay for up to two more (if you can stay awake).  After movie 1, the kiddos got back in the van and they and Angel were asleep before the end of movie 2.  We didn't even attempt to see movie 3--It was midnight after all.

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