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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

114. Exploring Smith Center

Exploring Smith Center was our last adventure on July 23.  Angel wasn't even sure she wanted to explore Smith Center because she grew up in Norton.  Norton Bluejays and Smith Center Redman are not friends and there has always been quite the rivalry.  However, exploring Smith Center led to discovering some pretty amazing sites.  There is a park in the center of town surrounding the Old Dutch Mill.  The mill was currently being used for a birthday party, so we could not explore inside, but the outside was absolutely amazing.  There also happens to be a fun playground and wooden train that the kiddos had fun playing with.  There are also wheelchair accessible bathrooms in this park.  This could be a fun place to spend several hours on a nice day.

Our adventure was quite a hot day, so spendung hours in the park was not an option.  It was perfect weather for a ice cream at Jiffy Burger though.

Our daughter was excited to find this surprise on the side of the hill.

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