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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

125. Exploring Greensburg

Exploring Greensburg was definitely memorable for us.  We had lived in SW Kansas when the tornado hit Greensburg.  Angel had driven through Greensburg weekly on her way to graduate school before the tornado hit.  Eric had taken the youth group from our church to help with the tornado clean up.  This is definitely a different town now.  There is still destruction from the tornado, but there are also new buildings, etc.  The town has definitely worked to rebuild.  We travelled through after all the shops were closed for the day, so we'll have to come back during the daytime and explore sometime.  The big well is still there, but it's building is not.  A new building is in the works with a grand reopening scheduled for 2012.  As we have traveled Kansas this year, we have found tribute to the Greensburg tornado in other locations.

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