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Sunday, September 25, 2011

131. Kansas Teacher's Hall of Fame and Gunfighter's Wax Museum

August 13 also took us to the Kansas Teacher's Hall of Fame and Gunfighter's Wax Museum.  The Wax Museum was upstairs and there was no elevator, so it is not wheelchair accessible.  So, Angel had to enjoy the museum through the photos Eric took.  But, Angel got to enjoy the beautiful mural in the stairway and spend lots of time in the gift shop.   It can be a bit dangerous to spend too much time in a gift shop, but they had absolutely amazing stuff.  The kiddos even got a back to school present for each of their teachers.  What a great way to start the school year--at the Kansas Teacher's Hall of Fame.

The Wild West was certainly a dangerous place to live!

The Kansas Teacher's Hall of Fame is a great tribute to some of Kansas's great teacher and the history of education in this state.  The curator has a great deal of knowledge about the Hall of Fame and did an excellent job explaining it all to us,.  She asked our kiddos grade in school and searched for old textbooks at that grade level.  We got to see a flag with only 48 stars.  Our kiddos even got to search an old desk for a hidden drawer.  Angel got to see the picture of her elementary school principal.  He definitely deserved to be installed in the Kansas Teacher's Hall of Fame.  There are many other teachers from Norton had such an impact on Angel's life they are in her Hall of Fame. :)

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