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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kansas Weather

You never can tell in advance what the weather will do in Kansas.  We headed to Garden City on August 27 for the Hot Air Balloon Classic.  Well, we arrived, had lunch with friends, visited the zoo, and discovered the Hot Air Balloon Classic was cancelled.   The official reason it was cancelled was due to extremely hot weather and high winds.  There was really no wind while we were at the zoo, but maybe there had been a gale force the day before.

So, we revised our plans and headed north.  Well, on Sunday, August 28, we were planning to see Monument Rocks, but could see a storm brewing around Colby.  We listened to the weather forecast on the radio and headed for home.  The weather never said there was a tornado, but we think we saw a couple small ones.  Well, we made the right decision to head home, because we missed the storm.  However, it was headed straight down Hwy 83 toward the Monument Rock area.  Guess we'll just have to try to see them another time.

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