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Monday, September 19, 2011

127. Kansas' Biggest Rodeo

 During the planning phase of this adventure, we decided we must attend a Rodeo at some point during our Kansas adventures.  Well, why not go big and attend Kansas' Biggest Rodeo??!!??  It is held in Phillipsburg and all I have to say is if you plan to go, plan to go EARLY.  Traffic was at a stand still on the highway trying to get in.  Fortunately, we planned to go early so we did not miss anything.  We even got to see the mutton bustin' before the rodeo began.  Our son decided he would like to try that someday.  :)

 Kansas' Biggest Rodeo has a nice accessible section so you  can sit in your wheelchair and still see all the action.  You can also still get pelted with mud as the horses ride by if you sit up front.  The kiddos sat in the regular seating with grandma and grandpa so we didn't get to experience their reactions.  We do know that our daughter thought the seats were up too high for her fear of heights and while our son wanted most of all to see the bulls, he missed a few of them because nature was calling right before the bull riding began.



The entertainment other than the rodeo was interesting.  Angel especially liked the female riders with all the flags (We didn't get a good picture.)  There was an entertainer from Vegas???  who put on quite the show and would ride standing up and his show girls were doing all sorts of tricks.  It was definitely more theater than we were expecting.  The rodeo clowns are always lots of fun and make the crowd laugh as well as keep the cowboys safe.  We're sure glad they were there. 
The ever exciting bulls--only one cowboy had to visit the medical tent--sure hope and pray he was OK.

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