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Monday, September 12, 2011

120. County Fair

The County Fair is one of the most exciting events of the summer.  And, if you plan it right, you can attend more than one.  We got to attend our local county fair--where we got to visit exhibits, exhibit our own items, see the fair parade, the treasure dig, the community BBQ, and check out all there was to offer.  The kiddos got to attend the Norton County Fair and ride the rides at their home owned carnival and play the carnival games (their favorite).  Wherever you live, check out the county fair and what it has to offer.

Norton County Fair

 Trego County Fair Parade

Trego County Fair
 One of the kiddos favorite things is the Treasure Dig where you get to dig around in a big pile of sand and find toys and money that have been buried.  This year, it had rained on the pile the night before, so the kids were digging in wet, heavy sand.  What a mess!!!  They all seemed to have a great time anyway.  Our daughter was sad she had to miss it.  She was at church camp having tons more fun anyway. 

The Trego Co. Fair is also known for its Muddy Pig Brawl.  When else do you get to see teams of all ages chasing a pig around in the mud and trying to catch it before time runs out.  If you can manage it, this is a can't miss.

Community BBQ

Treasure Dig

Talent Show

Muddy Pig Brawl

Eric and the kiddos did great at the fair this year,  I'd say 2 Grand Champion, 1 Reserved Champion, and 1 Champion (not to mention 1st, 2nd, and 3rd) is pretty good stuff.  ;)

Color the Fair

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