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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Beginning our Journey

We have decided as a family to really celebrate the Kansas Sesquincentennial (that's the 150th Birthday) this year. We are going to do/see 150 things/places in Kansas this year.  Right now, we are in the planning/researching phase.  So, if any of you have any ideas about fun and exciting places we should see this year, please let us know.  I will be updating this blog as we complete our adventures, so check back often.  :-)

I forgot to mention that one member of our family is wheelchair mobile so ideas will need to be handicap accessible.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Angel and Eric, and the "little Shavers"!

what a COOL idea!! Angel, your dad said you have already visited the weirdest site in Kansas: Dinsmore's Garden of Eden.
Doug and I really enjoyed the Tallgrass Prairie and Cottonwood Falls, although i do not think that the courthouse in Cottonwood Falls is wheelchair accessible. Perhaps it is now, since it is a public building.
Doug, Maggie and Drew and i love the Konza prairie, south of Manhattan. One site is on highway 177, and you just park and have a lovely overlook. You can also hike through the Konza, but I can't remember how much is wheelchair accessible. I think the first part is accessible. I also enjoy Pilgrim's Crossing, also outside of Manhappiness.
The rain forest in the Topeka Zoo is cool as well.
There is an awesome oak forest in southeast Kansas, not far from Wichita, but i cannot recall the name of the state park which is located there. It's awfully pretty to drive through, and there are hikes and a lake as well.
And of course, you may remember Brookville and the awesome chicken served there.We ate at the original one year when scholars' bowl went to state. Now Brookville has relocated in Abilene. The Seeley house in Abilene is fascinating, but the upstairs is not wheelchair accessible, nor is the basement.
We visited Hudson's Flour Mill in Hudson, Stafford County, on a gifted trip, and it was interesting, as was this science museum in a nearby town, St. John's. Your dad would LOVE the funky little science museum, Angel!
I'll email doug and see if he can tell me the name of the oak forest in southeast Kansas. The gypsum hills are also amazing!

take care of each other, and enjoy your adventure!!
nancy, aka Mrs. S