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Sunday, January 23, 2011

11. Exploring Quinter

Our family explored Quinter January 21.  We started with Westwind Wood Specialties and got to tour where Eric works.  I (Eric) thought it was kind of neat showing Angel and the kids where I work.  We were given permission to take a quick tour, so I showed the family around the plant.  The kids thought it was cool but they were not impressed with the safety glasses we had to wear.  Westwind Wood Specialties is a custom cabinet manufacturer, as you can tell by our truck we offer "Handmade Craftsmanship with CNC Precision."  In addition to cabinet doors, we also make drawer boxes, moulding, wainscoting, etc.  You may log onto the company site at for more detailed information.

We then toured downtown Quinter and found quite a treasure (Eric knew it was there.)  There is an amazing old-time soda fountain at Ray's Pharmacy.  It was so much fun to get to try different combinations of drinks--Strawberry Sprite, Lime Sprite, a Green River, and Banana Dr. Pepper.  The Banana Dr. Pepper was better than I (Angel) would have expected.  It was fun to get to be inventive--they have quite a list of options.  It was even more fun to get to watch them being made.  It's nice to have a place that uses syrups and then adds carbonation.  It just makes you feel like you really get something special. 

We were all shocked by the history of the fountain.  It started in New York (possibly the late 1800's/early 1900's), made it to California and it's most recent purchase, which led to its move to Quinter, was on ebay.  It just goes to show that you CAN by anything on ebay.  :)

We tried to eat supper at Pizza Station, but it was not open, even though it said it should be.  So, we read through the Kansas Guidebook for Explorers about the "Collyer Cafe" which was supposed to be housed in the old convent in Collyer and decided to head over there for supper.   However, there is no longer a Collyer Cafe--the convent is now a bed and breakfast.  Just goes to show you that sometimes exploring can lead to hungry tummies...but we did eat dinner back in WaKeeney.

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