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Monday, January 17, 2011

10 Garden of Eden

We believe that "The Garden of Eden" is perhaps the most famous part of Lucas.  It is not wheelchair accessible  inside, so Angel could not go inside, but she did get to view all the art outside of the building (from the van because she said it was too cold).  The kids favorite part was the mausoleum and the story behind the burial of Mr. Samuel P. Dinsmoor (artist) and his wife.  You will have to take the tour to hear the full story...very bizarre.  The kids especially liked hearing that "Ghost Hunters" had come to visit the Garden of Eden in search of ghosts.  (They didn't find any)  The tour guide said the ghosts were shy and just didn't want to be on TV.  The kids and Eric went into the mausoleum on their tour. The kids thought that Mr. Samuel P. Dinsmoor looked like concrete and a bit scary too.

On our journey home, we got to go to Paradise.  :)

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Sherry said...

I always liked the Garden of Eden in Lucas, though I thought it was kind of spooky! Maybe that's why I liked it! Love, Aunt Sherry