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Sunday, January 16, 2011

1 Exploring WaKeeney

One of the biggest debates before starting this adventure was where to start.  Well, since this is Kansas, we decided to follow advice from The Wizard of Oz:  "There's no place like home."  So, our adventure begins with exploring WaKeeney.  We tried to go to the Trego County Historical Museum, but it was closed when we got there.  So, we did not visit the museum today.  We did, however get to explore some of main street.  One of the difficulties I discovered in my wheelchair is the snow.  The city requires businesses to shovel the sidewalk in front of their business.  However, travelling from business to business is interesting when there are abandoned businesses along the way and curb cuts (wheelchair access) only on the ends of the blocks.  However, with my husband's help, I made it through. 

Eric and the kids starting having a snowball fight...not everyone can say their family had a snowball fight on main street. (which happens to be the kids favorite memory from today).  One of our first stops was the soda fountain at Gibson's Drug Store.  Many Kansas small town natives can say they've been to a soda fountain, but it is an unique experiece we should not take for granted.  Gibson's even offers a free small drink while you wait for your presciption to be filled. 
We also visited Loving Wishes (a local flower/gift shop) and picked up more planning brochures and talked to the owner about sites we should be sure to visit this year.  I love getting tips from people who have been to those places and can give tips based on their experience. 
We had dinner at The Western Kansas Saloon.  This is one of our favorite restaurants and was requested by my daughter.  They have a Christmas tree sitting in the entry year round, which is great because WaKeeney is the "Christmas City of the High Plains".  I love that the Western Kansas Saloon has specials that are not regularly on the menu and the food is always high quality.  The entrance is not wheelchair accessible, but my husband just bumps me up the landing and it is definitely worth it to get in and have that experience.

Not every main street in America also has a North Pole setting between buildiings with a special house Santa comes to visit during the Christmas Tree lighting.  

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Sherry said...

Well you can't go wrong by taking advice from The Wizard of Oz! :-) And you know, WaKeeney is the birthplace of the not-so-famous Sheryl Crow (your Aunt Sherry)!