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Sunday, January 23, 2011

12. Fick Fossil and History Museum

We intended to start our journey on January 22 in Colby at the Prairie Museum of Art and History.  However, we got there to discover it did not open until afternoon on Saturday, so we started our adventure in Oakley instead.  Angel learned a very valuable lesson about calling ahead and confirming hours before starting our journey.
We began our day at the Fick Fossil and History Museum in Oakley.  It is housed in the same building with the library.  The museum is to the left and the library to the right with very accessible restrooms in the middle.  The fossil museum was free (donations accepted) so it was a very nice surprise to get quite a bit of information from the woman working at the museum.  Without her input, we never would have known that Mrs. Fick created the art on the walls with shells, shark teeth, bit of fossilized animals, etc.    Angel says she is not creative enough to think about using those items to create flower petals, trees, animal, flags, the Kansas seal, etc.  There are fossils at the Fick Museum that were discovered by George Stenberg (The Sternberg Museum in Hays in named after him.  We will be visiting it later this year.) 

Besides the fossils, the museum also contains articles from Kansas history and animal mounted heads and a full-mounted buffalo.  There were also "picture" opportunity cut outs of Buffalo Bill and Annie Oakley that the kids had tons of fun playing in.  We were suprised to learn that Oakley is not named after Annie Oakley, but the founder's mother.  It's amazing the misconceptions you grow up with and what you can learn if you only take the time.
Bicycle Rack at Fick Fossil and History Museum


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