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Sunday, January 23, 2011

14a. Prairie Museum of Art and History

Our journey in Colby began with a picnic lunch with a friend of Angel's and her boys.  Then we all went to the Prairie Museum of Art and History together.   The kids played in the Kansas Kid's Corner while the grown ups viewed the travelling Anne Frank exhibit (blog to follow).  There were all kinds of great dress up clothes, so you could pretend to be Indians, prairie settlers, etc.  There was a teepee, plastic snakes. coloring pages, toy food, and other toys. 
The collections in the rest of the museum are a bit overwhelming.  There is so much stuff to see and only about 15% of the museum's collections are on display.  Not only are there displays behind glass throughout the museum, there are also several drawers to pull out to view jewelry, small collectables, coins, etc.  If I (Angel) lived in the Colby area I would visit the museum frequently and only explore a small section at a time so I could really appreciate the details of the collection and not get overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of it all.  I also left with the feeling that if you have nice, collectible items at home, get them out and use them.  Use nice dishes and linens.  Display everything beautiful that you currently own.  Don't store anything hidden away in a drawer or closet.  Have it all out for use by yourself, friends, and family.

The part that the kids enjoyed in the exhibit part of the museum, were the toy collections.  They loved the mechanical horse they could ride by pushing the button on the wall.  The train was set up to move with the push of a button, but it was out of order.  It was funny to them (and us) that some of the "antique" toys on display were the ones their parents played with as kids.

Looking at Barbies we enjoyed as girls


One of our favorite exhibits in the museum was Alphabet Soup: The Amazing ABC's of Collecting.  There was a display for each letter of the alphabet filled with items that start with that letter.  There was also a scavanger hunt game that could be played looking for items in each display case.  We took pictures of each one, but we will spare you all the pics and only include the first and last.  :)

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