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Thursday, April 28, 2011

61. Hickory Hut BBQ in Salina


The rest of our time spent in Salina was not spent exactly doing Kansas adventures.  Anytime we are in a city with a Target and Hobby Lobby, Angel has to go there.  Also, anytime we stay at a hotel, spending time in the swimming pool is a must for the kiddos.  However, we were given a tip about a great local BBQ restaurand that is definitely a Kansas adventure.  It may not be a chain restaurant that most of us are used to looking for, but it has amazing "serious BBQ."  Plus, it was a great dinner because there was a soccer game on TV which the kiddos were intently watching and had tons of questions.  It must have been so interesting because they both just finished soccer seasons.  Thank you to our friends for the great tip of where to eat in Salina.

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