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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

54. Reflections Women's Conference at Celebration Community Church


Angel attended the Reflections Women's Conference at Celebration Community Church.  She got to attend with her mom, grandma, aunt, and cousin.  What an awesome opportunity to bond as women, have fun, and learn more about what God wants from us as women. 

It starts with an awesome general session the first night with humor, skits, games, awesome worship, and the first message geared toward the theme "reflections."  There were all kinds of fun options for Friday night, inculding Wii Dance, Zumba, getting glitter tatoos or glitter hair pieces to name just a few.

The prayer room was open most of the weekend for your own personal time with God.  There were several stations as you walked around the room that kept you in focused prayer as you followed the suggestions at the stations.  Angel believes this is one of the most powerful experiences of the weekend.  It meant so much to her last time, that it was the one thing she looked most forward to and hoped they would have a prayer room again.  It is time to keep you focused and in conversation with God without letting the distractions of life interrupt.  If you have a chance to do a prayer walk, do it, but be sure you give yourself enough time.  It is definitely not something that should be hurried through.

Saturday was a day full of friends, fun, and food.  There was two general conferences and three conference sessions you could choose so the topics were of interest to you.  There was an awesome lunch, a fully stocked snack area, a coffee bar where you could buy drinks, and one session even gave us M&Ms.  There was no chance we would ever be too hungry to listen or learn from our conferences.

It is impossible to put into words any experience where God touches your life.  It would be difficult to emerge untouched with so many different experiences and the chance to choose some of your own sessions, especially if you listen to God and go to the sessions He wants you to attend.  All I can say is when you have the opportunity to experience a conference like this, do it fully.  Stay as alert and engaged as is possible and be willing to learn new things and let God help you stretch and grow.

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