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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

62. Old Prairie Town

Our next adventure took us to Old Prairie Town in Topeka.  If you have never been there, take the time to stop by the next time you are in Topeka.  It's amazing to find a prairie town and botanical garden in the middle of the city.  You definitely do not feel like you are in the middle of a city.  When you go, we highly recommend taking the tour.  It is definitely worth the money to hear all about the history of this place.
Old Prairie Town showcases the log cabin and later mansion of the Ward family (original settlers of Topeka).  It was interesting to find out you can make reservations for your group to have dinner cooked over the fireplace in the log cabin or prepared Victorian style and served in the mansion.

Decoration made with human hair


The Town Square had a schoolhouse with outhouse; 1880 Everest Church; General Store; Drug Store; Physician's Office; Dentist's Office; Livery Stable; Tack Shop; Depot and Caboose; and Barber Shop.   It was awfully fun to get to tour and learn about all these buildings.  The church has a wheelchair ramp built in the back to make it accessible and takes you right by sweet smelling lilacs.  Angel could have stayed out there all day. 
Our daughter thinks Angel
should have a chair like this

There is also an amazing Botanical Garden at Old Prairie Town.  Right now, it is Tulip Time in Topeka, so there were lots of tulips, but there are also other amazing plants, trails, water features, etc.  Angel could have stayed there all day.  Our daughter says the only thing she liked was getting sherbet at the drug store, but she was enthralled with the Reading Garden too.

Enlarge this photo to check out the quote under the book.
Old Prairie Town is an oasis in the city.  You can hold your wedding there, either in the church or the gardens.  It is also a great place for any type of party.  We wish we lived closer so our son could have a birthday party there this summer.  If you are in the area, definitely take your family to visit.

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