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Thursday, April 21, 2011

56. Turkey Hunting in Norton County

The boys went on a turkey hunting adventure this weekend.  Grandpa set up his ground blind (tent) so they could all set in there and watch for turkeys and eat snacks.  Our son says that was his favorite part even though the snack wrappers were noisy!! 

They sat and watched for about and hour and a half and about 5 minutes before they were going to pack up and head home, our son used the turkey call one more time.  Well, there was an answer behind them.  I wish we had a photo of the looks on their faces.  Right before they were scheduled to come home, Grandpa shot his turkey.  Our son says he flapped his wings really fast all over the ground after he was shot. 

The look of pure excitement on his face says it all

What an exciting first turkey hunting experience.  They even managed to keep the surprise from the girls for awhile.  When asked if they got anything, our son said, "A pine cone," and he really did have a pine cone.  Our son thinks that even more exciting than the turkey hunt is the idea that a turkey tail fan will be coming home to live on his bedroom wall.

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