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Thursday, April 21, 2011

59. Prairie Dog State Park

We were a little worried that the great Kansas Weather would not allow us to have an outdoor adventure this week.  The rain started Thursday night and the wind Friday was so strong there could have been no outdoor activities.  But, Saturday was beautiful and allowed not only for outdoor adventures, but pleasant and enjoyable outdoor adventures.

We got to explore Prairie Dog State Park by Norton.  We got to explore the Adobe House that is on its original foundation.  We have seen sod houses on our journey, so it was fun to get to compare the sod homes with an adobe home.  Angel still thinks she could live there with running water and a washer/dryer.  But the adobe house was big enough she thinks her family could join her there. 



The rest of the adventure was spent enjoying the lake and the wildlife.  There is a prairie dog village beside the entrance and while we weren't sure the weather/time of year would let us see prairie dog, they were very active and we got to see several. 

There is also an amazing nature trail.  It is called the Steve Mathes Nature Trail.  It is paved partway so the wheelchair could even enjoy part of the trail.  When we got to the end of the concrete, the girls stayed and enjoyed the nature around them and the boys continued the rest of the trail.  We got to see lots of wildlife--deer, turkeys, pheasant, etc.  and even listen to nature sounds like the call of the Kansas State Bird, the Meadowlark.

Not everywhere can you see tons of pelicans
Our daughter was so excited!!!

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