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Thursday, April 21, 2011

58. Exploring Almena

Our next stop on this adventure was in Almena, Kansas.  We discovered lots of antique farm equipment and windmills at the Sunflower Pioneer Power Association in Almena.  The kids had tons of fun looking at all the tractors and windmills.  Who knew there were so many different types of windmills out there in the world??




Our Almena adventure also took us to Bantam Park.  It was quite an adventure to find it and we drove around the metropolis of Almena for awhile before we found it.  We went searching so the kiddos could play on the playground equipment and to see the 1920s jail.  There were not a lot of playground equipment choices, but the kiddos were happy to get to run and play.  The window of the jail was high up enough that Angel could not see in from her wheelchair.  We heard that you can get a key at the Senior Center to look inside the jail, but we did not do that.  We tried to push the button to hear the history of the jail, but it was not working.  All in all, this stop was a bit disappointing.

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