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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

98. Castle Rock and Badlands

We spent the Fourth of July at Castle Rock and the Badlands.  We went in the morning so it wasn't quite sweltering yet.  It sure was close enough, though.  The kiddos love Castle Rock and loved having a picnic lunch beside it.  They weren't crazy about the walk to explore the Badlands, but sure had a good time checking things out once we got there.  Our son did not enjoy his fall on the rocks.  When you go, don't forget your first aid kit.  We did.  OOPS!!! 

It's impossible to describe in words just how awesome the area is, so we'll just let the pictures speak for themselves

Our daughter called this "Gorilla Rock."

Angel spent most of the day sitting and watching the wasps digging holes in the ground.  We're not sure exactly what they were doing, but maybe they were laying eggs.  They would spend several times going down into the hole they dug in the ground and then would finally come out and fill it back in.  It just goes to show you can enjoy nature and see something interesting no matter how far (or not) you can climb.

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