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Thursday, July 21, 2011

104. Great Bend Zoo

While on our way to our adventure July 15th, we decided to make a stop at the Great Bend Zoo.  The zoo is small, but nice and full of educational information about the wildlife along the whole Wetlands and Wildlife National Scenic Byway.  There is even the Raptor Center which tells all about the mission to protect and preserve raptors.

Raptor Center

This exhibit was cool because our daughter got to investigate owl
pellets in school last year.

Reptile Garden

Butterfly House

Adventuring around Kansas is not always an easy thing.  Unlike the zoo, which is open year round, some attractions are only open from Memorial Day-Labor Day.  This happens to be one time of year greatly affected by weather.  We are currently experiencing several very hot days over 100 degrees.  This makes outdoor adventures sweltering and somewhat uncomfortable.  We have learned to be creative in learning to deal with the heat.  At the Great Bend Zoo, take a break in the aquarium and enjoy the fish while enjoying the cool and shade.  If you happen to be somewhere in the afternoon, check out the local water park and some refreshing time in the water.  And, we've learned to always keep drinks around.  And sometimes, hot days like this require a stop for ice cream along the way.  :)


We were jealous of the tigers getting to lounge in their pool.

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