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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

101. Exploring Oberlin

The weekend of July 9th, we got to explore Oberlin.  Downtown is absolutely beautiful and full of fun places to check out.  Downtown has red brick streets, sidewalk awnings, and gorgeous white street lamp globes.  It was nice to get to walk under the awnings and stay in the shade.  They would be especially appreciated if it were raining.  Oberlin houses several antique shops.  Unfortunately, many of the downtown shops were closed because it was Saturday.  We just had to window shop in the ones that were closed.  Our kiddos say that we window shopped in every town because we did not buy anything.  :)   The Oberlin Mercantile looks inaccessible because there are steps, but if you ask, they will show you the accessible entrance through the Landmark Inn

When we were in Oberlin, one of the locals told us to check out Sappa Park.  They told the story about how once there was to be a National Park in each state and Sappa Park in Oberlin was the National Park in Kansas.  Well, it never became a National Park, but it is still there to enjoy. 

Pete Felton statue

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