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Friday, July 8, 2011

96. WaKeeney Mini Speedway

Our next adventure July1-4 took us to the Kart Races at WaKeeney Mini Speedway.  We know nothing about Go cart Races and spent much of the race trying to figure out the rules.  I think we learned that they pay attention to the flags and don't begin the race until the green flag is waved.  The race ends after three flags are waved: green, white, and checkered.  When the yellow flag waves, that is the caution flag and the race is paused and restarted.  We think when a racer spins out of the race or has another problem--the race is then stopped and restarted.  The dirt flying off the track made all of us need baths after the race--dirt really sticks to sunscreen.  The most exciting part of the race for us was when the Karts would crash into the hay bales along the fence right in front of where we were sitting.

They had tricycle races during intermission for those spectators aged 7 and under.  There were heats age 3 and under, 4&5, and 6&7.  Our son even got to be a part of the races.  What a fun addition to this adventure. 

Following the races, we got to experience fireworks. 

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Hannah said...

That is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!