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Saturday, January 7, 2012


We have done it!!  We had 150+ Kansas adventures in 2011.  Many people (ourselves included) were not sure we would accomplish this goal when we began last January.  However, we really had no difficulty finding 150 things to do in Kansas and still have many more on our list that we did not get to this year.  Angel's favorite part of the trip was planning all the adventures. That is always her favorite part of every trip.  :)  It just lets the fun begin way before we head out the door. 

When we look back on all the various adventures we had this year, it was hard to just pick one.  Kansas is full of quite a wide variety of things to do and places to go.  We saw wildlife, outdoor adventures, history, art, different cultures, and some unique creations you can't find anywhere else.  We even got to visit one attraction found in the book Weird USA:  the Garden of Eden in Lucas.  We saw sites that had been featured on cable TV shows (Ghosthunters and Dirty Jobs) and just enjoyed some of the natural scenery Kansas has to offer. 

We did each pick a favorite:
Eric--The Gatherin' and camping at Cedar Bluff
Angel--Wamego and the Oz Museum
The kiddos--Great Wolf Lodge

Overall, we just had a wonderful time being together and seeing much of what Kansas has to offer.  Generally, the kiddos loved anywhere they could run around, explore, and climb--inside or out.; Eric preferred outdoor activities, and Angel preferred museums and other wheelchair accessible cultural activities.  We saw such a great variety of things and tried an excellent variety of foods.

We end this year proud of ourselves for accomplishing our goal of having 150+ adventures and recording our journeys around Kansas.  We also have a list of places we enjoyed visiting and want to see again someday as well as a list of places we did not get to this year, but would like to some day in the future.  There are a few places out there that you really just need to visit once to say you have done that in your lifetime.

What is next for us?  Does anyone ever really know?  Well, we are planning some quiet time at home just enjoying our home and family.  I"m not sure we know how to just be still and stay at home, but we'll see.  Whatever it is we do, we'll be enjoying it together.

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