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Thursday, May 19, 2011

69. Cedar Bluff State Park

Our adventure the weekend of May 6-8 took us to Cedar Bluff State Park.  The State Park itself is amazing and the lake is wonderful.  We drove around and saw the beauty of the park in spring and tons of families taking advantage of the weekend by bringing their camper out to spend some time enjoying the gorgeous park and lake.  It did not hurt that it was in the 90s.

Besides just visiting the gorgeous park, we decided to camp at one of their "rustic" cabins.  Angel is not a camper and was nervous about what we would find.  She fully expected rustic to mean four walls, a roof, possibly a floor, and beds.  Imagine our surprise at the "rustic" cabin that has heat, air conditioning, electricity, a microwave, and a mini fridge.  That does not even begin to mention the beautiful decorations, the grill, fire pit, and deck area.  The only thing that made the cabin "rustic" was no inside running water.  However, thanks to the recommendation of the park staff on which cabin to rent, we were directly across the street from the bath house.  So, using the bathroom was really no further of a journey than down the hall at your own home.  It was such a pleasant stay even Angel is willing to camp again as long as we can have a cabin this nice.  Even the wheelchair accessibility was great.  If you are in a wheelchair, you might want to  bring your own port-a-potty for middle of the night needs.

View from the deck
The fire pit

A meadowlark at Cedar Bluff State Park

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