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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Polar Express Train Ride in Ellis

On Friday, December 2, we got to ride the Ellis, KS version of the Polar Express.  Well, the kiddos did anyway.  There was quite a line that wound through the train depot with special events along the way--like a visit with Santa and free cookies and hot chocolate.  Finally, it was our turn for the train ride.  The kiddos got to ride through beautiful scenes of Christmas lights, Eric walk along in the cold & took pictures, and Angel stayed nice and cozy in the depot.  When asked how the ride was, the only response was COLD!!!  It was not the nicest night in the world to be running around in pajamas, but that is the only authentic way to ride the Polar Express.
It was definitely COLD out there!!!
The evening ended with supper at Arthur's Pizza and Mexican Food.  We were all thrilled to be able to be in the warmth and get warm pizza and hot chocolate in our bellies.  There were even "Polar Express" specials if you were wearing your pjs, the wait staff were wearing pajamas, and there was even a Polar Express type train set on display in the shop.  All in all, a COLD, but fun time.

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