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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Augusta Theatre

We decided to end our year of Kansas adventures by celebrating New Year's Eve at the newly restored Augusta Theatre.  Eric especially enjoyed seeing it restored to it's former glory.  He was reminiscing about his childhood times at the theater, including the Bugs Bunny Club and visiting Santa.

The restoration of the theater is absolutely amazing.  Not every theater in the country has such beautiful art deco details and murals on the wall.  Not every theater has a curtain across the stage that rises before the movie.  Not every theater has the Star Spangled Banner play before the movie and the entire theater standing at attention.  Not every theater has wheelchair accessible seating and a wheelchair accessible restroom.  Thanks for restoring a wonderful landmark.

Checking out the Production Room
1940s projectors that are still used...these are the replacements of the 1930s projectors that were involved in a projection room fire in the 1930s/40s.  Projectors are still used for silent movies and there is a piano down front that is played during the silent movies.

We got to see The Muppets for the second time.  Some movies are not as good the second time around.  We thought The Muppets was even better.  Perhaps it was not the movie itself that was better.  Perhaps it was the magic of the theater.  Perhaps it was hearing the other adult audience members laughing and enjoying their memories of The Muppets from their childhood.  Perhaps it was watching the children having such a great time they could not keeping themselves from doing ballerina twirls in the aisle.  Perhaps it was a combination of all of the above.  Whatever it was, it was a great end to our year.
The original tiles on the outside of the building were thrown away
many years before the restoration began.
Santa's chair

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