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Thursday, May 5, 2011

64. Ms. Wheelchair Kansas

This blog is harder to write than I (Angel) imagined it would be.  We have been a part of the Ms. Wheelchair Kansas program since 2006 and have been at the crowning ceremony every year.  I (Angel) look forward to this weekend every year and seeing all the amazing, confident, women in wheelchairs.  I always leave feeling empowered and ready to take on the world.  I think it is difficult to write because I want to do it justice and hope everyone who reads this will know how amazing this program is.  

Eric was an escort for the 2010 Ms. Wheelchair Kansas

Our daughter loves the silent auction most of all and is always excited when she can win something.  :)  Angel loves seeing her friends that she can look forward to checking in with at least this one time a year.
The contestants this year were amazing and beautiful as always.  Angel was excited the winner is a mom.  She calls herself a "mom on a mission."  Angel believes very much in showing the world that being in a wheelchair does not have to limit your ability as a parent.  How exciting that Ms. Wheelchair will get to spend the year showing that all over the state, everywhere she goes.  We can just be "mom."  The chair is just an accessory that does create some unique challenges.  It never keeps you from being the mom you want to be.  It just creates a need for unique and creative adaptations some times. 
The current and former Ms. Wheelchair queens  :)
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