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Monday, May 9, 2011

65. Art Walk in Hays

Our adventure the weekend of April 29th started with the Art Walk in Hays.  We did not know exactly what to expect, but the Art Walk was a lot of fun with an exciting variety of art.  Of course there were exhibits of paintings, but there were also exhibits of guord art, musicians, photography, models, quilting, etc.  What a great variety of art.  This is an excellent way to teach children about all the different forms of art and creativity.  What a great way for them to find an art form they may want to try. 

Some of the art is not accessible to wheelchair users.  Angel was disappointed she could not get in everywhere, including to see her friend's quilt (which was put on display in a non-accessible basement.)  We all enjoyed listening to the musicians as we walked around Hays.  Our son thought the trolley car would have been fun to ride if we had the time.  Both kiddos enjoyed sitting and watching a hula hoop demonstration. 

We enjoyed the exhibit by the Ellis County 4H.  It was fun to see all the samples of their work and learn about the program.  Our daughter left wanting to get involved in 4H.  I think we will make that happen next year.  She was excited to see that they get involved in science and art (not to mention have ties to KSU).  Angel was most excited about the green punch (lime sherbert and lemon-lime soda...yum).  That has always been her favorite.

Our only advice for visiting the art show is if you have children, go early and plan to leave early.  It got a little crazy downtown as the night got later...too many samplings of the wine we think.  One thing we all noticed were the smokers (and cigarettes) everywhere.  I thought Kansas has a law about no-smoking within 10 feet of a doorway/window at a public gathering.  I do not think that was enforced and even walking through smokers that may not have been in doorways had us all coughing.

The Art Walk was a great sample of the various types of art.  Our children, of course, thought it was cool that there were different snacks offered in all the buildings. This car reminded us to make sure to brush our is called the "ChewBaru." Click the picture and try to find all the teeth related items...gross!!!

Our kiddos thought this looked like it belonged in Lucas, KS.

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