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Saturday, May 14, 2011

67. Antelope Lake

We found a surprise adventure on our trip.  We drove by a sign that said "Antelope Lake" and decided to check it out.  It is a small lake (we drove all the way around it), but a nice one.  This was our first chance to see fishermen and boaters on our adventures.  I guess spring is really here.

Eric decided he would be afraid to boat in this lake because we could see trees, logs, etc. floating in the water.  We prefer boating on completely calm and tree free lakes.  :)  Or, Angel says, not boating at all.
We looked and looked for antelope, but no antelope at Antelope Lake.  We only got to see turkeys, loons, ducks, meadowlarks, other birds, and cows. 

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Katie Morris said...

Looks like fun! The black birds look like they might be "coot" which are not actually ducks even though they swim like them! I first encountered them when checking out some wetlands in Valley Falls and had to ask my dad what they were.