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Sunday, May 22, 2011

70. The Gatherin' -- Near Cedar Bluff State Park

May 6-8 was such a beautiful weekend for The Gatherin', located just off the shores of Cedar Bluff State Park.  It wasn't really windy and it definitely wasn't cold.  It was in the 90s.  Who ever imagined there was a place in the middle of Kansas to celebrate a "Festival of Beltane" and enjoy everything celtic.  The celtic music and bagpipes were amazing, it was so fun to visit the various booths, and watch the Highland Games where the warriors compete.  Definitely watch Th' Runnin' O' Th' Fiery Cross and if you have children have them dance the maypole and  other kids activities.  It is not possible to explain Th' Gatherin'.  Just let the pictures explain themselves.

The prize for the champions of the Highland Games--a piece of authentic tartan, and a stone directly from Scotland and the fields the original battles may have been fought
Th' Runnin' O' Th' Fiery Cross
Dancin' Th' May Tree

Pictures around the site and Ye' Olde' Booths
If you love fire, fireworks, and a spectacular finale definitely stay to the end...however, Angel says "If you have a head injury, get easily tired, and/or don't like smoke...go to bed early."

Angel thinks she found her new instrument
The Bodhran

Eric thinks he looks like ye olde' obese lady in his kilt

Our Meadowlark at Cedar Bluff or is it a Chat???   Just found it (06/05/2011) in a guide book to field identification of birds (Golden) should be a Western Kingbird.  It confused us because this was the only bird visible when the Meadowlark sang.

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