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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WaKeeney Art Walk

We attended the Art Walk in WaKeeney on July 19.  It was a very different experience from the Art Walk  we had attended previously.   For one thing, it was smaller, but that was what we expected in a smaller town.  There were still exhibits that were in locations that were not wheelchair accessible, so we did not see everything.  However, the art work we did see was well done and nicely displayed and the music playing throughout downtown was a nice touch.  We like that there was some art that were not the typical paintings and drawings.  There were beautiful, artistic cakes and a demonstration of making toothbrush rugs.  We felt the previous Art Walk had not been exactly family friendly and there was more emphasis on drinking, smoking, and hanging out with friends than on the art itself.  This Art Walk seemed very focused on the art and we enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere much more.

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