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Thursday, August 25, 2011

109. Dane G. Hansen Museum

Our adventure the weekend of July 23 started with the Dane G. Hansen  Museum.  It is hard to believe such a small town can have such a nice museum with changing exhibits.  While we were there, the exhibit was "The Curious World of Patents."  We got to see examples of many inventions we had never really considered.  There are also permanent exhibits of some artwork, Japanese artifacts, firearms, Mr. Hansen's office, etc.  Angel has been to the museum many times for things such as the annual Arts & Crafts Show, Kansas Honors Program, etc.  She had never spent much time exploring the inside of the museum and maybe should have before now.  There are some very interesting exhibits coming up that we may have to go explore.  Check out the website.

Permanent Exhibits
Check out the security guard taking such good care of the museum.

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