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Friday, November 18, 2011

University of Kansas

In a house divided, it only seems fair to hit both major Kansas Universities--KU and KSU.  Well, we had been to KSU earlier in the year (, so it was time for KU.  This visit was so exciting for our son.  He even got a KU coat from Great-Grandma on our way.  (Our daughter got a KSU hoodie and realized she maybe shouldn't have worn it to KU campus.)

There is no doubt you are in Jayhawk Country when you visit the KU campus.  Jayhawks are everywhere and it was tons of fun to look for them all over Lawrence.

This was our first trip to KU.  I (Angel) thought the campus was beautiful, but I decided I could never have attended college there.  The hills and distance between buildings are more exercise than I am looking for.  Especially now, that I am in a wheelchair, there would be no way to manage hills without becoming extremely worn out.  I guess I'll just have to support the team from the comfort of my own home.
Maybe our daughter will want to attend KU in the geophysics department

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